David Bowie’s Final, Courageous Message to You and Me

We are afraid of death. We don’t talk about death. We hide the weakness that emerges with the onset of death. Not David Bowie. The Rocker, Artist, Maestro of a Generation gave the world a courageous gift. Not many involved knew of his cancer, but his final project, Lazarus, was a final testament to fans. He let the world see a cancer-ridden body, a mind warped with the fears and hopes of freedom all while living at death’s door. He let the world hear the cries and convictions of a sentence of mortality. David Bowie, was an artist until the end. He captured what grabs the human heart and turned it into song. He created a visual expression of what you and I long for everyday.

As Christians, we know the Lazarus David was referring to: died and risen by the power of Christ. We see in David’s song a man who longs for the same; the reprieve from the battle against demons (under the bed) and the freedom of a bluebird.

We can learn courage from David, to not hide when weakness takes over our superstar bodies, minds, and souls. We can yearn for immortality and resurrection like David…daily, knowing that we are invited by Christ to be Lazarus…free from the grip of death. We can learn the need to let people see into death, it is part of all our lives. Don’t hide from weakness, don’t hide from death, step into the yearning of the human soul and find the strength to allow others in that space with you. Death is real it waits for you and me. Those we love are facing death. Don’t hide from it’s reality. Visit someone who is in that space and let them yearn for resurrection with you. Let them see where resurrection comes from within in.

And if you are knowingly standing at death’s door. Let the God of resurrection see your pain and need, and let the people of the resurrection love you and companion you through that space.

Here is David Bowie’s courageous final video. His moment at death’s door. A work of art. A plea for resurrection. A courageous act from a man worth remembering.


image credit: http://musicnotesworld.com/david-bowie-lazarus/

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