One Way Jesus and Santa Aren’t All That Different

Alright, maybe Jesus doesn’t have elves and reindeer with shiny noses. I’m not sure if Jesus likes cookies and milk (why wouldn’t He though?), and He doesn’t travel by sleigh as far as I know. However, the wonder of a child asking Santa for something they desperately long for and then believing with all of their heart in faith that it will be under the tree on Christmas is something you and I can learn from.

Jesus said, “unless you become like little children you will not enter my kingdom.” Have faith like a child; innocent, trusting, filled with unstoppable belief. A child asks a benevolent, kind-hearted, all knowing, and capable person to meet their needs. We’ve lost this ability in our adult faith.

I’m not encouraging materialism and certainly don’t think God is a cosmic vending machine nor is Santa our Savior, but this Christmas I’m reflecting on the words of Jesus to the blind man Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.

I realized I’ve stopped praying for a certain person in my life. I’ve forgotten that Christ has the power to help them and transform them. I let go of faith like a child with this person. I need to learn from my kids wonder at Santa.

What do you want Jesus to do for you? Do we have the irrepressible faith of a child, to ask him? What is it this Christmas that you need Christ’s help with, whom is it you want to begin praying for again? Let’s be like innocent kids and ask Him. He loves to give good gifts.

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