Mark Zuckerberg’s Real Motive After Pledging 99% to Charity

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have made a bold declaration, 99% of their Facebook shares to charity, or the equivalent of $45 billion. Their motive to give was reportedly inspired by the birth of their first daughter and a desire to better her future by improving the world she will be living in. They are pledging to invest in curing diseases, improving educational access and learning opportunities, and building strong communities.

Think about their motives for the effort they put into their jobs, now that they have pledged 99% of their equity in Facebook to this cause. Every single day from this point forward when Mark makes a tough decision and strives to produce new investor value at Facebook it has new depth and consequence. Instead of being inspired by the island he might get to purchase someday and the fleet of private jets or the sports team he may own, now, his motives get to be fueled by something with a far reaching impact. That new ad tracking software might cure another disease. That new user interface might translate into educational access for under-resourced children. That tough hiring call in a key seat executive role will determine whether or not their charitable efforts can take new ground.

You see the difference. Mark just redeemed every single day of his work life for the rest of his life. His motive is pre-decided, he is not working for the benefit of self, but for the benefit of others in need and the world around him. Mad respect to you Mark and Priscilla! I know you’ll still be personal billionaires and all but you had so many other choices you could have made with that money and influence.

Want to redeem the meaning of your 8 hours a day at work? Let’s learn from Mark. Let’s find ways to invest ourselves in the benefit of others; to give sacrificially our time and money beyond our own consumption. The surprising benefit we discover is the same that Mark is now living in. It is a new fuel for the tough days of our lives; there is meaning and purpose and value beyond ourselves. That is a rich reward!

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