Month: December 2015

Forget About God’s Will for Your Life; Try This Instead.

I have expended more mental energy over the years than I want to admit asking the question, “God what is your will and plan for my life?” What if that is the wrong question? What if the amount of time we obsess over the future and our life direction is a distraction from God’s actual will for our lives? So what should we try instead?

“Walk by the Spirit…” Galatians 5:19

I am the sort of guy who loves to live in the future. I’m more comfortable imagining a picture of the future than giving every ounce of my energy to listening to the whisper of the Spirit in the present.

In the words of Francis Chan, let’s not be so preoccupied by our concept of God’s will, that we forget to walk by the Spirit TODAY. Listening to His voice for the day IS God’s will for your life and mine.