The Single Best Way to Cultivate Gratitude in Just 2 Minutes

I opened up my email yesterday and found a note from an old friend. This wasn’t an inner-circle, best friend for years, but someone who crossed paths in important seasons of life with me. He wrote just a few sentences in his email, describing some specific ways that he was grateful for me. It took him two minutes. The impact of that note was weightier than I expected. He noticed me, remembered details, and he affirmed what mattered to me. My heart was boosted for the rest of the day.

I woke up this morning and without trying, remembered his email. It created a sense of responsibility within; I needed to pay it forward. I fired off a few “I’m grateful for you and here’s why emails” of my own. Each one took me two minutes or less.

I discovered something unexpected while writing, an infusion of even more gratitude. I remembered the couple that helped me in college grow in faith and find my calling. I remembered the family who introduced me to Jesus. I remembered the man I partnered with to plant a church overseas. After writing the two-minute emails, my heart was bursting.

I wrote because I wanted to say thanks to them, instead, they, once again, gave me more… a heart brimming with gratitude.

Take two minutes today, right now even, and write your own “I’m grateful for you and here’s why” emails to a few folks. (Make sure to stay away from a generic message, get specific, why are you grateful for them). You’ll give a welcome gift and receive an astonishing sense of internal gratitude in return.

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