Month: November 2015

Attempting to Be More Grateful Won’t Help, But This Will…

Gratitude is no over-the-counter generic medicine; it is a prescription-strength super narcotic! Living in a consistent state of gratitude is proven to boost physical health, remove emotional toxins that affect psychological health,enhance empathy, reduce aggression, extend sleep cycles, build self-esteem, increase athletic capabilities, and sharpen the brain’s cognitive functions. Scripture says (more…)

The Single Best Way to Cultivate Gratitude in Just 2 Minutes

I opened up my email yesterday and found a note from an old friend. This wasn’t an inner-circle, best friend for years, but someone who crossed paths in important seasons of life with me. He wrote just a few sentences in his email, describing some specific ways that he was grateful for me. It took him two minutes. The impact of that note was weightier than I expected. (more…)

Is It Impractical Christian Idealism to Accept Syrian Refugees?

I’m a pastor and a peacemaker, but also a pragmatist. I want ISIS stopped in every corner of the globe – enough of the brutality, enough of the evil. I agree with the countless concerned American lawmakers and citizens, we must thwart foreign terrorists from sneaking through our borders and wreaking havoc within our own communities.

So, should we vote to accept 10,000 Syrian Refugees? (more…)

Think Starbucks Is Undermining Christ With Their New Cups? Then We Need to Have a Talk.

Starbucks has released it’s new “holiday season” cups with no specific reference to Christmas. Many Christians are ranting about the loss of the reason for the season. According to Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks vice president of design and content, this year, Starbucks “wanted to usher in the holidays with purity of design that welcomes all of our stories,” Fields wrote. He said that the coffee chain “has become a place of sanctuary during the holidays,” so it’s “embracing the simplicity and quietness of it.”

Alright Christians, let’s talk about three things: (more…)