I Dare You to Go Camping! 5 Indisputable Reasons There is Nothing Like It.

If your idea of camping is booking a night at a nice hotel, then I’m after you.  Here are 5 reasons that you absolutely cannot let this summer go by without at least giving real, outdoor camping a try.

Incomparable Memories- No night in a hotel getaway will ever compare to the wonder a child will feel sleeping under the stars in a tent with family or friends. We take getaways to relax yes, but smart parents know it’s all about memory making. If you want your kids to remember your time away, make sure it involved a campfire with marshmallows, sticks, knives, and the wild outdoors. In their little hearts it will even trump the Trump.

Unplug, really unplug-  In a hotel, you are surrounded by devices and more devices and theaters and action. That’s all good, and I love a few nights in the city with my family. But when you’re camping, you have each other, a couple of books, and maybe that old board game and a few cards (yes I bring the iPad for the car ride but it stays in the car and off when we get there). I spend more time talking with the people I camp with and creatively having fun together than on any other outing. It’s freeing.

Adventure-  Yeah yeah yeah, the comforts of a hotel are nice. But get a little adventure mixed into our madness. Get outside. Take a hike. Maybe the sniffing around your tent in the middle of the night is a bear (yep, happened) or just someone’s dog. Who knows?! Camping will always bring more adventure than a hotel. I promise.

Problems- This is reverse psychology. It might rain in the middle of the night when you are tired. Or rain when you are out on a hike and you forget to leave the rain fly over the mesh walled tent (yep, happened) and you come back to floating sleeping bags. You’re tent stake might break. You probably will forget to bring the ketchup. Memories, remember. These turn into fun, adventure, memories of figuring things out and making the best of it. Try to teach that to your kids when room service forgets to bring napkins.

Beauty that will fill and quiet your heart- No cement palace will ever fill your soul like a tree lined peak or an open meadow, or a quiet lake. You will find more refreshment from the places camping will take you than anywhere you can Priceline.

So go ahead, I double dare you hotel fanatics to book just ONE night camping over the coming summer, find some of your hippie friends and see if they can show you the ropes and take you along on their next adventure too. You with me?

Campers out there, what are some of your indisputable reasons?

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