New Post: Clean Eating (this is not what you think!)

This isn’t the 17 ways kale and lemon water should be part of every hour of your life or the 5 foods that will transform you into a superhuman. In fact this really isn’t about food, let me explain.

I am not an extraordinarily disciplined guy, especially when it comes to food, but I have started eating with more intention and focus. I’m using a food diary, picking restaurants and meals with much more care then ever before.

Why? Well it’s not to lose weight. Don’t hate me; I’m one of those guys with gifted metabolism. Sort of like those kids who never really had to do their homework but still did great on the test. I can get away with eating what I want and you wouldn’t see it on me.

But here’s where you’d see it; my energy, garbage in garbage out they say. When I eat with no intention, I can hardly make it through a day or a week without feeling sluggish and sleepy. I don’t have what I need. I feel weak and then I get cranky and it starts sliding down from there.

Let me pose a comparison. Because I’ve been so focused on the food I’m putting into my body, I’ve been reflecting again on what we put in our heads.

What if we kept a mind diary, tracked our daily intake? A day’s inclusions might be:

“Watched the news, horrific stories, doomsday prophets, negative backbiting, slander of the other political party. Scrolled through Twitter and Facebook, saw how everyone is better than me in some way. Raced to work, listened to talk radio, sarcasm, innuendos, and a few good beats. Worked all day. Got home. Took care of everything and everyone. Collapsed on the couch and watched stupid shows, bloodlust shows, and more innuendo.”

Add up the days and we will feel spiritually sluggish, often on empty. If we want more of God, more spiritual energy, more sense of His presence and joy in our lives, we have to take an inventory of what we are constantly putting in our heads.

I am not going old school legalistic here. I promise. It’s just when I pulled up to the taco bell drive through yesterday for my son (that’s a whole different story) I asked myself, “will getting 3 double decker tacos really help me feel the way I want to feel in an hour, give me the physical energy I need?”

I think we can ask ourselves the same questions about our mental intake. Will watching this show, or scrolling further through the facebook feed, or listening to this on the radio really give me what I need to experience more of God and have the spiritual energy I need to get through a day and become the person I want to be.

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned about changing my food habit recently. It doesn’t necessarily help to start by cutting things out. The best place to start is by adding in the good stuff (like my wife’s barley and lentil soup, which is surprisingly amazing!).

What is some good stuff that you and I can add to our mental plates today, instead of filling up on the taco bell drive through of the soul that our world pushes on us everywhere we turn? A good book to help you grow? Music that reminds you of who God is? A silent few moments to quiet the racing thoughts? Time in Scripture? Let’s eat the good stuff.

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