ONE Leadership Requirement

Cast vision, listen well, set the example, build a fantastic team, define reality, strategize for the future, solve problems, make tough calls, encourage, celebrate, empower, persevere, continually get better; all are essential components of leadership. But there is one quality that stands far and above all others. It’s a leadership requirement for Christian leaders; and it’s a little hidden detail in the life of Joshua. In fact, we learn about it not in the biography of Joshua’s life but rather Moses’, Joshua’s predecessor.

Joshua was a commander in the army of Israel, but really, nothing special in the era of Moses and the Ten Commandments. He was an aide. Look at this little detail though:

Exodus 24:13 Then Moses set out with Joshua his aide, and Moses went up on the mountain of God.

On Mt. Sinai, Moses AND Joshua were covered in the cloud of God’s presence and experienced the “glory of God as a consuming fire,” as the text later points out. None of the other elders and commanders of Israel were there.

Joshua, decades later was handed the baton of leadership for God’s covenant nation. Sure, Joshua was chosen by God, and certainly Joshua had been shaped through decades of training. But, what if the fact that truly set his leadership potential apart from all the others, was that he alone had gone to the mountain of God and experienced the presence of God?

In our leadership (family, church, business, whatever) let’s not forget this leadership requirement: for leadership to display the power of God, we must prioritize the presence of God. Prioritize the presence of God today.

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