“Prove it to me, God!”

Often I demand of God, in sneaky ways, “Prove it to me!”

Hear me out for a moment though. I’m not as concerned about God proving His power or His heart or His presence. I actually trust God in many of those ways; I’m awed by His power in nature, the mountains towering above, the winds whipping around, and the ocean seemingly endless in every direction, the stars beyond comprehension. I know He’s not just powerful and distant too, I know God is good. I know God is for me. I know that God is present with me. He’s proven Himself in all of those ways (not that He needed to).

What I question about God is His ability to effect me and to use me effectively. That’s where I have the least amount of faith. “Prove it to me God, that you can actually change me!” I know how stubborn I can be, because I know the hundreds of mixed motives and thoughts and emotions that swirl around in my brain. “Prove it to me God that you can use me for divine purposes!” I know how mundane my day to day really is. I know how lazy I long to be on Saturday afternoons. I know how frankly normal and imperfect just about everything I do really is.

It seems like a humble thing to trust God for everything and everybody else “out there” but then question his ability to work that same power and potential “in here.” It’s not humble, it’s actually a devastating distrust in the foundational character of God. Is He not omnipotent and omnipresent? Is He not at all times and in all ways working out the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose?

The fact is we are just closer to our own brain and own hearts; we know more about ourselves than we know about anyone else. Faith and trust in God, then, is most tested in our ability to have faith and trust that God can and will work in us and through us with all of His power and might.

Where are you trusting God to work in and through someone else’s life today, but are not able to give that same faith towards His work in your own life? With your parenting? Your outcomes at work? Your ability to be a great friend? Your project that you are working on? Your ability to overcome a sin in your life? To go after a goal? To experience a breakthrough?

Choose to put your faith in a God in whom all things are possible not only for others, but for yourself today.

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